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Part 1: The Death of Heather

Other parts may be considered cute or hilarious.

Silent Hill 3 arguably has the best action system of the series - it doesn't have the clumsy controls of the original, the painfully easy enemies of Silent Hill 2, or the lack of tank controls of the fourth installment. Still, it's pretty bad compared to other 3D games, so I went for Normal difficulty to save my own sanity. I picked Hard for Puzzles, because the Hard difficulty level contains some hilariously insane puzzles.

After a short intro video, which you can find at the bottom of this page, we enter the foggy world of West Virginian Amusement Parks.

Bunnies can't bleed. But they can dance.

The answer is hidden somewhere in this screenshot.

Orange Metal Wristbands: The perfect gift for your depressed emo faggot teen.

And so, without any clue about what's going on, we gain control of this fine youngster.

Oh hell yes! No awkward story introduction, no long walks through a forest, and a full arsenal to start with? I like this game already.

Nu-uh, Fluffy the Funbun is a real bunny.

Do not doubt the existance of Fluffy, missy.

Then stop wasting my time with your outrageous lies.

Right between the Chasm of Eternal Agony and the public's favourite, the Hall of Mirrors That Bleed.


Where did you get this keen sense of observation? From your parents?

You're right, I'd rather walk through this small door into the next ar--


Alright, chill, just a dog. A zombie dog that that tried to eat me with its deformed mouth. No need for panic.

NOW there's need for panic.

Even after three installments, the Silent Hill monsters still do not know how to open doors, gates and other passageways.

Not pictured: Some sort of bug hovering over my head, trying to stab me with its long, spikey limbs.

The park is swarming with angry monsters of every variaty, and since I don't have a lot of bullets to kill them, I simply run to the safest place in the whole park: the unstable, dark tracks of the rollercoaster.

Yep, there's no way that something bad will happen.

This will not end well.

Next Time: Oh my, a cliffhanger! Just kidding guys, the rollercoaster train runs over the girl, instantly killing her. Game Over.

Video At The Bottom Of The Post

If there's three things I learned from the SH2 thread, it's these.
1) Mac people get angry when I compress videos with an Intel compressing algorithm thing.
2) If you're going to offer videos for download, better make sure you have shitloads of bandwidth.
3) Accents = Comedy.

I will again be capturing and uploading videos of key moments in the game, but this time, I have more bandwidth than my puny mind can grasp, and I'll compress the videos with XVid, so I hope you Mac folks will be able to view them. And I'll probably give a funny accent to one of the monsters to keep the crowds pleased.

Video 1.1 - Here, have a demon
A really short video that plays just after the warning in the first screenshot.

Video 1.2 - Here, have another demon
It only took me 27 viewings to figure out what the hell that thing is.
Video 1.3 - Gasp!
Key moments my ass.