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by VoidBurger

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Original Thread: Huh. LP. What's going on with this LP? Let's Play Silent Hill 1! (subVLP)

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Hey there. I'm VoidBurger. Let's Play Silent Hill.

Wikipedia posted:

Silent Hill is a 1999 survival horror video game for the PlayStation. The first in a series about a mysterious town of the same name, Silent Hill generated a direct sequel (Silent Hill 3), three indirect sequels (Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 4: The Room, and Silent Hill 5: Homecoming), a prequel (see My Silent Hill Origins LP) and a film adaptation (ugh). The game was included in Sony's Greatest Hits and Platinum range of budget titles as a result of strong sales. A reinterpretation of the game is currently under development for the Wii, Playstation 2 and PSP (see The Shattered Memories Thread for more)

If you've seen the Silent Hill movie, you may consider yourself familiar with the plot. Well aren't you an easily entertained stupid idiot butthead who I dislike strongly. Listen up chump, fuck all that mining shit and raining ash and Dahlia being a misunderstood mom, drinking tea with Alessa during Sunday brunch, while Pyramidhead waves at them from across the white picket fence rusty bloody barbedwire. In here's the real deal, 100% grass-fed, with none of the fanservice (Because there weren't any Silent Hill fans yet.)

I like VLPing with nonchalant, conversational-style subtitle commentary so that the ambient noises and disturbing soundtrack aren't drowned out by some nerd talking over it. Check out From Earth's LP of Silent Hill 1 if you're more about the screenshots.

Intro Cutscene ( (Polsy)
Prologue -aka- GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE-- ( (Polsy)
01- Huh. Radio. ( (Polsy)
02- Off to see the Wizard ( (Polsy)
03- Written in Blood Midwich01 ( (Polsy)
04- My Poor Junk Midwich02 ( (Polsy)
05- Big Red Shiny Button Midwich03 ( (Polsy)
06- Glitch-o-Vision Midwich04 ( (Polsy)
07- Not Scary at All! Midwich05 ( (Polsy)
08- The Vagina Monsterlogues Midwich05 and THE BOSS ( (Polsy)
09- School's Out The Streets, Balkan Church, K. Gordon's House ( (Polsy)
10- Foreshadowing and Killer Monkeys Streets of Central Silent Hill, Police Station ( (Polsy)
11- Whiteboard Syndrome Alchemilla Hospital 01 ( (Polsy)
12- Scary Noise Rooms Alchemilla Hospital 02 ( (Polsy)
13- Hammertime Alchemilla Hospital 03 ( (Polsy)
14- Grates, Nurses and Videotape Alchemilla Hospital 03 ( (Polsy)
15- Must Be On Drugs Streets of Silent Hill, Green Lion Antique Shop ( (Polsy)
16- Antiquing Continued Green Lion Antique Shop, Streets of SH ( (Polsy)
17- I Shoot a Thing and Run a Lot in This One Town Center (Mall), Streets ( (Polsy)
18- Knifin' to the Sewers Streets, Sewers ( (Polsy)
20- Mo Monsters Mo Darkness Streets, Annie's Bar, Indian Runner, Norman's Motel, etc ( (Polsy!)
21- Man, was he pissed. Norman's Motel, Streets, Some Boat ( (Polsy)
22- The End? Some Boat, A Lighthouse, A UFO ( (Polsy)
23- Intrigue! Mystery! Sewers! Bad Music! Streets, Sewers, Lakeside Amusement Park ( (Polsy)
24- Nowhere and D-List Olympians Nowhere ( (Polsy)
25- What Do the Jellybeans Mean? Nowhere ( (Polsy)
26- Don't You Forget About Me. Nowhere ( (Polsy)
27- THE END. FINAL BOSS ( (Polsy)
28- Alternate Endings, Cybil Fight, Credits ( (Polsy)

Let's Explore
Wherein we search the town for homages to other dandy things. Will be updated as we run into stuff. Do contribute by telling me the locations of cool things to show off.
You Spin Me Right Round, Baby.
Like a chainsaw, baby. Right round, round, round.
I Kill Children
I like to see them die.
Doodle: The Streets of Old Silent Hill Explained (
Doodle: The Rest of the Streets Explained (
Let's Play Soundless Mountain 2! ( (Polsy)
Stuff I Missed and the Aglaophotis Glitch! ( (Polsy)

Thanks to all!

Falados spins you right round, baby, right round.

Lasher walks it off.

rinski comes to the defense of that poor, dead horse.

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Generic CAW answers the age-old question: "Why has no one made a remix of the nurse/doctor noises?"

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Chance II thinks No Grey-Child Left Behind has its flaws.

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And some more from Chance II, in response to a large thread derail.

And HenryEx wins music video of the year!

And so did Schurik! Congrats!

And a drawing from KC Green in the front of my GunShow Collection!

Falados kicks it up another notch!

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