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War With the Evil Power Master

by Deceased Crab

Part 32

Branch ???: End of the Road

Well, it's been a long book. We've seen many ways to die and win. We've been humiliated, mocked, vaporized, and raped. Now, it's time to finish things. The previous branch was the last one. So let's see what kind of ending we get if we put Tonto in charge.

Damn you Flppto, you play too rough. Look what you did!

The Commander is just too dumb to die like he ought to. Maybe we'll get lucky and he will anyway. Chances are low.

You enter a longterm recovery program. Nevermind the fact that no one is paying attention to the Evil Power Master, they're too busy worrying over the Commander. I hope they all get vaporized into... vapor!

Ending AL:
Type: Non-Ending/What-The-Hell

Well, that was three solid pages of boring. Let's see if putting Flppto in charge (an awful idea) ends it on a better note.

We assign leadership to Flppto, because in our feverish state we're too busy having fever dreams to full realize what he did to us. Commander, now is not the time to put that guy in charge.

Flppto takes our position. He's taken everything from us, now our title. We sit in a hospital bed, unable to stop him or the Evil Power Master. That bites.

Ending AM:
Type: Non-Ending/What-The-Hell

Ending Catalogue:
Total Endings: 30
Victory Endings:
Failure Endings:

Death Endings:
What-The-Hell Endings:

And with that, we've seen all 30 endings and have concluded the War With The Evil Power Master. 10 Endings that aren't. 6 measly victories. 18 ways to FAIL. 12 ways to die. And 13 endings that don't make any sense at all. I think that's about enough torment from this book.

Here are the idiots responsible for this travesty.

Next time on War With The Evil Power Master...


No, I don't think we'll be reading the prequel. We will, however, be going over some of the wonderful photoshopped entries we've received. I might make a video of it, so keep your eyes peeled. In the next couple of days, I'll also announce the winners, so stay tuned viewers!