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007: Blood Stone

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 3: Episode 1-3



Crashed Truck

Light armored vehicle, registered to Bernin. Although ostensibly a licensed win importer, Bernin primarily serves as a courier for the underworld. He has earned a reputation for speed and ruthlessness and his services are in high demand among the criminal fraternity.


Archaeological Notes

Although much of the Roman amphitheatre is in a dangerously unstable state, some areas have been reinforced and opened to the public. The recently reopened tunnel to the right of the main entrance offers an insight into what gladiators would have experienced as they entered the arena to confront their fate.


Armored Vehicle

Armored truck, imported from Russia at the request of Bernin. Although Bernin was understood to have links to the underworld, the extent of his operation was not known. Whoever is financing this is sparing no expense.



A good all round sub machine gun, suited to a wide array of combat situations. Its accuracy is well balanced by its respectable clip size and fire rate. Despite becoming less effective at long range, it can be successfully used to suppress enemies, allowing the shooter to move to a better position.



The Ka-27 helicopter uses a co-axial rotor to stabilize itself, eliminating the need for a tail blade. Although typically an anti-submarine vehicle, extra under-floor armor suggests this one has been adapted to transport troops in fire-fight situations. The ID shows it to be of Soviet origin but lists no owner; however, these are not easy helicopters to come by.