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007: Blood Stone

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 4: Episode 2-1



Brass Nude

This bronze statue of a female nude was offered as a gift by an unknown Italian collector in the late 1860s. Its arrival was shrouded with conspiracy and rumors of corruption. One theory suggests it was actually a bribe, used to obtain permission for an illegal high-stakes blackjack game to be held in the casino.


Stone Lantern

This Toro (Japanese stone lantern) was donated to the casino by Hiro Kanawara, the head of the renowned Kanawara family, after a particularly successful gambling visit in 1937. It has since come to light that Hiro was exploiting a minor anomaly in the roulette table that allowed him to predict results with startling accuracy.


P99 Silenced

Although an efficient hand gun at close range, the P99's silencer reduces both its accuracy and its kill capability at distance. Best suited for covert operations and taking down isolated hostiles without drawing attention.


Ornate Money Clip

An exclusive solid gold money clip, studded with diamonds and other precious gems. Its center socket holds a mottled red stone in the style of designer Nicole Hunter, a known business associate of Stefan Pomerov.


Architect of Casino

Bust of Christophe Loral, the architect who designed this casino in 1868. Throughout its history, the casino has played host to the rich and famous, an indicator of opulence and wealth. It was recently acquired by Russian entrepreneur Stefan Pomerov for an undisclosed sum.