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007: Blood Stone

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 6: Episode 2-3



Hybrid Anthrax Formula

An analysis of the formula held on these servers reveals the development of a hybrid form of anthrax. It appears to be resistant to all vaccines currently in use. However, there is also evidence of a bespoke cure in production with the possible intention of being to ransom the antidote to the governments of infected countries.


Exhaust Pipe

Schematics show these pipes carry the exhaust away from the main refinery building. However they have been poorly maintained and a number of them have been disconnected, leading to dangerous levels of high pressure gas passing through the remaining pipe-work.


Coolant Container

These containers hold coolant under high pressure for use in the refinery. Although intended for single use, it seems they have been repeatedly refilled, leaving them highly unstable and liable to rupture.


Modified Truck

These vehicles have been imported from Europe and customized to transport vast quantities of industrial coolant. These modifications have been certified as legal by the local government despite the work being carried out by an unlicensed operator and the vehicles having no record of routine safety inspections.



An extremely well-balanced shotgun, the M3T is a valuable asset in almost any combat situation. It is able to take out enemies at close range while suppressing foes at distance. Its relatively light spread requires users to display a degree of accuracy.