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007: Blood Stone

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 8: Episode 2-5



Anti-Missile Turret

The AP1 anti-missile turret is a powerful defensive and offensive weapon. Although manually operated, its high rate of fire allows it to reliably protect ships against hostile missiles. The 30mm Gatling gun's muzzle velocity enables it to fire up to 70 rounds a second and custom zoom levels allow its operator to track both distant and close-range targets.


Hovercraft Information

A heavy combat hovercraft, ex-military and designed primarily to sealift assault vehicles in hostile environments. Its heavy armor, compartmentalized superstructure, and auxiliary power systems make it able to withstand signifigant damage; however it is still vulnerable to sustained bombardment.



The UMP's incredible accuracy and stopping power is earned at the cost of its slow fire rate. Despite its flaws, it has a powerful punch and can be highly effective in skilled hands.