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007: Blood Stone

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 12: Episode 3-4




The PCP-1000 is an electroshock weapon, capable of incapacitating subjects in a non-lethal manner. It fires two electrodes at the target before passing an electrical current to them through a connecting wire. This need to link the electrodes to the unit limits the PCP-1000's effective range to 30 feet.


Police Profile: Rak

Rak: a wealthy businessman of Mongolian ancestry. He owns vast swathes of the docks around the Chao Phraya River and is known to operate a variety of export businesses. In his time in Bangkok, Rak has had numerous allegations of criminal activity brought against him, incuding claims of homicide, torture with a bladed weapon, and human trafficking. An official police investigation found no evidence of such wrongdoing and Rak has been cleared of all charges.


Ship's Log

Rak, we were forced to ditch our cargo into the sea last night. A police patrol boat came too close and some of the prisoners started screaming for help. We had to put a bullet in their heads and throw them over the side to avoid being boarded. Luckily there was no one of particular signifigance among the cargo but I'll raise the bribe to the authorities, make sure this doesn't happen again.


12 Gauge

This weapon's compact size and wide spread makes it perfect for short range encounters but completely unsuitable for anything at distance. Its low ammo count and slow reload punish anyone who manages to miss their target.