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007: Blood Stone

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 13: Episode 3-5




The capture of Bond is an important development. He has been involved in our affairs for too long now. Bond's interception of Bernin and subsequent infiltration of Pomerov's refinery was regrettable. Fortunately he managed to kill them both before he learned too much. Now that he has knowledge of our operation however, he cannot be allowed to live. Rak.



Nicole Hunter has been assigned by MI6 to assist Bond in his mission. It is thought she has been working as a fixer, enabling Bond to bring Pomerov's operation to its knees. Nicole and Bond parted ways in Siberia; Bond headed to Bangkok while Hunter returned to Monaco.


Imported SUV

This vehicle has been flown over from Thailand. Its import documentation shows it crossed the border along with a number of ex-military vehicles. The import was carried out under the name of a shell company but financial records suggest it was coordinated by Rak's organisation.


Combat A.R.

Its slow fire rate and huge clip size allow the Combat A.R. to provide covering fire for extended periods. It's an incredibly powerful gun and any bullet that finds its target will cause significant damage. Used intelligently, the Combat A.R. is one of the most versatile assault weapons available.


Grenade Launcher

This grenade launcher is a single-shot model that fires proprietary 43mm fragmentation ammunition at distances of up to 700 feet. Fired grenades are designed to arm after 5 meters and explode on contact.