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Part 1: Goldfiner

Concept Art, Production and Gadget shots and background information

007 Legends tries to dish out information about the Bond series in bite-sized portions, and forcing you to replay levels, by collecting items strewn about the levels and by completing secondary objectives and/or trials.

In general, the items relating to people will have some connection to them. For instance, Auric Goldfinger's golden revolver or a model of the plane he uses at the end of Goldfinger (the movie), but there are also other items just lying around: Cellphones, dossiers, wallets and usb drives. Generally speaking, the dossiers and USB sticks will contain info regarding the different criminal organisations you're fighting and the cellphones and wallets fill out the different bios you can look at.

The info is nice if you know literally nothing about the different characters, wish to refresh your memory or look for little tidbits that the movies may have glossed over or omitted.

The game also has trials that are sometimes neat, sometimes total crap. Completing them and generally collecting things unlocks concept art, production shots from the movies or photos of the different gadgets used by Bond, in their respective movies. I've kept them all in their original sizes save a small few in case anyone wants them. I would say it's pretty cool to have unlockable content but you can't unlock anything for your gameplay and, as far as I know, there's cheat codes but they don't do much aside from unlocking some weapons or characters for multiplayer. Forgotten are the days of Paintball mode and DK mode.

Also, Eurocom, was there nothing you could do about the text over the art assets you try to show off? Or even an export function or something? No wonder you guys went under.


Auric Enterprises

Concept Art

Production Shots

Gadgets and Props

** I had some wallpapers of the different characters for the Goldfinger missions but I seem to have misplaced them, will upload them later tonight.

Wow I'm a little late on putting these up, sorry guys!