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007: Quantum of Solace

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 4


SUBJECT: Agent James Bond, 007


All operatives:

Be advised that James Bond is now acting outside of the jurisdiction of the Ministry. He is to be detained and brought in for debriefing. Advise extreme caution in approaching 007. Last known whereabouts: La Paz, Boliva.

UPDATE: //Encryption key not found//


James, I received intel about your activities through Langley. I've contacted my local sources in Boliva. Greene has been investigating a large tract of land in the desert there. Reports suggest he has been seen with General Medrano. Recent satellite imagery suggests that the area is a wasteland and highly unstable. A large sink hole has formed at the location, and the area has been cordoned off by Medrano's army so access is limited to air only.

Forewarned James, General Medrano's men have this location well guarded and patrol it regularly. If you decide to investigate use extreme caution.