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007: Quantum of Solace

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 13


SUBJECT: Steven Obanno


Subject Le Chiffre is holding a poker tournament at the Casino Royale. Le Chiffre is known to be in debt to several large terrorist organizations, including Steven Obanno, the leader of a particularly brutal African Resistance Army.

UPDATE: Obanno entered the country illegaly this morning. Local agency lost surveillance soon after landing at a private airfield. Suspected destination is Casino Royale for confrontation with Le Chiffre. Recommend immediate intercept and detainment.


Intel confirms that Steven Obanno has been seen in the area, which spells danger for Le Chiffre. We believe Obanno intends to attack Le Chiffre at the Hotel Splendide.

Keep a close eye on Le Chiffre. You must protect him from any possible threats, so we can bring him in for questioning once you have defeated him at the table.