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007: The World is not Enough

by FrenzyTheKillbot

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Original Thread: Last Name. First Name, Last Name. Let's Play The World Is Not Enough.


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The World Is Not Enough is a 2000 first-person shooter video game based on the James Bond film of the same name. The game was published by Electronic Arts and released for the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation console systems in 2000. The Nintendo 64 version was developed by Eurocom and the PlayStation version was developed by Black Ops. This game marks the fifth appearance of Pierce Brosnan's James Bond, the game included his likeness but not his voice. Coming off the mediocre reception of the previous Bond game, Tomorrow Never Dies, it was decided that The World Is Not Enough would go back to its roots as a first-person shooter, popularized by the success of the Bond game GoldenEye 007. In the Nintendo 64 version, it would also see the reintroduction of the multiplayer portion of the game.

This game was released several months after Perfect Dark and was somewhat overshadowed by it. TWINE has many of the same features as PD that were seen as improvements over GoldenEye's formula. Some of these features include fully voiced cutscenes, secondary weapon functions, and multiplayer bots. It is an excellent video game adaptation of a movie and at times can be incredibly accurate to the film. The flip side of that coin is that occasionally the game expects you to have watched the movie to understand what's going on, and as such it is recommended viewing. For this LP, I am playing the N64 version of the game and will be completing the single-player campaign on 00 Agent difficulty.


Video 1 - Courier and King's Ransom [ blip | youtube | post ]
Video 2 - Thames Chase and Underground Uprising [ blip | youtube | post ]
Video 3 - Cold Reception [ blip | youtube | post ]
Video 4 - Night Watch and Midnight Departure [ blip | youtube | post ]
Video 5 - Masquerade [ blip | youtube | post ]
Video 6 - City of Walkways I & II [ blip | youtube | post ]
Video 7 - Turncoat [ blip | youtube | post ]
Video 8 - Fallen Angel [ blip | youtube | post ]
Video 9 - A Sinking Feeling [ blip | youtube | post ]
Video 10 - Meltdown [ blip | youtube | post ]
Bonus - Aces High breaks the game [ blip | youtube ]
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