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Part 8: Video 8 - Fallen Angel

Video 8 - Fallen Angel [ blip | youtube ]

Fallen Angel

Mission Overview:

Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff:

This isn't looking good, 007.

Mission Location & Personnel

Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff:

We know the location of M. She's in the tower, and it's absolutely critical that you find a way to free her unharmed.

If Elektra is there, her bodyguard Gabor will be close by. It looks as if Bullion is working for her too, which won't please your friend Zukovsky.

You must stop Elektra and Renard from escaping with that submarine. If they manage to detonate the reactor, then the whole city will be destroyed, and millions of innocent people will die.

Mission Equipment

Message from R, Q Branch:

Oh dear. There are a number of devices that could help you out here, but unfortunately you're not carrying any of them.

Good luck, 007.