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Part 8: Eighth blunder of the world

Previously on 15 Days

Cathryn fucked up and managed to find the only thing that triggers the museum alarms. The very alarms which were never mentioned in the plan, nor disabled, nor tampered with.

: What's going on up there?

: Something has set the alarm off!

: Oh crap...

: Get out of there, now!

: See you at the loft.

: The present position: I'm back at square one. Ellen Henston is happy that her charming husband's dead, and she's not making any secret of it. But she's got an alibi and he'd signed a couple of properties to her. For tax reasons of course. She's now free to enjoy some good times... without ol' Henston. Seems to get awfully well with her gardener too. But hey, what's that matter to me? Of course she's going to contest the will too. And I can totally understand that. I've also of course spoken to the main beneficiary, Michelle Fielding. As far as that was possible. It was IMPOSSIBLE that she fulfilled any assistant duties whatsoever. She can barely count to three. She doesn't have and alibi and doesn't actually need one. I don't think she could even spell the word 'murder'. So who else do we have? Nancy Jenkins in a hate-filled prostitute. Laureen Myers is an ice-cold business woman. But neither of them would kill anyone. Maybe the old turkey really did just keel over himself. Well, sometimes it is the right ones whose numbers come up. I've spoken to the picture shippers. They're completely harmless. The only thing that occurred to me was that they both looked pretty unwell. And one of them was wearing a darned expensive watch. Probably a fake from China. I have to tell the chief that everything's just dandy here. Henston's dead, nobody's missing him. End of story.


: Thank FUCK! Oh, and the camera never changes throughout all this.

: Whoa! What's all the darned racked about? Hmm... that's coming from the museum... What the hell's going on there? I'm going to go take a look.

: Somehow "Drive off" lands us right at the entrance, but the volume of the alarms barely changes. Jack was parked right here. Talking to the guard seems like a good idea.

: Evening. What's going on here?

: Put your hands up!

: It was supposed to the Nesbitt guy on duty alone, right? Well, the budget is limited, so it's Tony. Which is wonderful, because Jack has spoken to Tony earlier.

: Hey, hey, wait a second, keep cool. I parked close by. I thought you might need some help and...

: Hands up! Now!

: We'll soon find out who you are.

: Listen. My ID is in the car. If you could just...

: You're staying put. I've already called the police. You can tell them what you're doing here.

: Come one, man! Just let me get my ID from the car.

: I only wanna get my darned ID, you bonehead...

: Well, that spares me from more monologues for a while. Oh, and while were at it, here's the video of Tony vs. Jack.

: Badly.

: Not at all.

: I was just laying awake. Had things to think about.

: Hey, what's wrong with you guys? All in all, it went really well.

: Sure. We were within an inch of getting caught. We're not doing it like that again. I'd rather go on demos again. That's better for my nerves.

: Cathryn may be just a little bit completely mental.

: Hmm. And if they catch us, we'll get the toughest punishment we could ever wish for.

: Stop that Mike.

: The guy at the jetty saw us.

: What's more, the camera at the car park saw us! If that damned alarm hadn't gone off...

: I'm sorry. Can we leave it at that?

: So. When's the stupid handover?

: At three.

: Alright then. Let's go. Bernie, are you coming?

: I can't. I've got an appointment.

: Again. Listen, what's actually going on? You've got appointments every five minutes.

: Leave him.

: Why? What is this? A pensioner's conspiracy?

: Arh. Private things. Hell, I think I've got a couple of private things to sort out too. Instead I hang around with you two, almost get locked up and live off three ponds fifty, because I apparently owe my every waking hour to making this a better world.

: You tell them, Mike.

: Mike. That's enough now. We can talk about that later.

: Later, later... Heck. Right, then let's go now.

: See you later Bernard.

: They still have no idea how to end these scenes.

: We've got it. That was a tidy job.

: Tidy? Cathryn's mind exists in a special bubble, doesn't it?

: Correct.

: Have you calmed down yet? I wouldn't like to go in there with the feeling that you'll suddenly go mad and run off.

: Ah, rubbish.

: You don't say.

: So, here we go.

: Alright.

: Headsets? I suppose, Mike is going silent.

: Good day. Shall we go?

: Sure.

: Everything OK, Mike?

: Everything's fine...

: Wow, I heard that! In fact, Cathryn was the one with a muted headset voice.

: And they stop, because no one in this game can use the stairs.

: Have you got the painting?

: In the suitcase.

: Eh? I beg you pardon?

: I knew I could count on you. You have ideals. People with ideals are determined and reliable.

: Then I hope you have ideals too.

: You'll get the money, if that's what you mean.

: Don't you want to check the suitcase first?

: He was the one who brought it to the meeting.

: Why no. You would not deceive me.

: You are too scared... And your little friend down there... he's even more scared than you. He knows that it wouldn't be good to deceive me.

: You said we were determined idealists.

: That's the difference between idealists and idiots: the idealist knows when to be scared. The idiot runs blindly to his ruin.

: Give me a sign if you want to get out of there.

: The view is even more impressive today, don't you think?

: (keeps quiet)

: No! Say no!

: Tell me more.

: Here's an envelope. I'm assuming you like Paris?

: What do you have in mind?

: 10 million dollars for the painting you'll find in the envelope. If you can deliver within ten days.

: The first painting deal was for 5 million pounds. Not much of an increase here, Odila.

: You've got to say no.

: Let me see it.

: Be my guest.

: Fine.

: You're crazy! These guys are insane! I'm bringing you down now.

: Ahh. Your young friend is getting a little scared. That's good. He'll be trying even harder.

: I'll see you in ten days.

: (keeps quiet)

: Oh great. Do you really think it's a good idea to do business with these lunatics?

: You heard what he'll pay. WE would be crazy if we didn't do it.

: Which painting does he want then? It's gotta be the Mona Lisa at least.

: No. I would have declined then. A portrait of George Washington.

: What?

: What...? He's gonna spend that kind of money on that? Cathryn. There's something not quite right about this guy.

: You worry too much. Perhaps he says some strange things, but so far everything's gone well. And we're not gonna get another chance like this in the foreseeable future.

: We should have a closer look at the guy.

: Do that, if it'll settle your fears.

: Let's just get this thing done - and then we'll all go on holiday. That's be good for Robert too.

: Alright then.

: That's one heap of cash.

: Cathryn hides the money again. There isn't much to do, but I remembered to send Cathryn to the back corner of Mike's room.

Pizza, poster, TV.

: Yuck. What's that then? It's already going mouldy.

: I know that game.

: I can't be doing with that stuff. The real world is more exciting.

: Then I notice that Cathryn's phone has a new option... which I can't use in any of the rooms.

Then I remembered we have a president to steal.

: Sorry to interrupt again... Can you check something for me?

: Sure.

: Was it Lincoln? No...

Washington, that's right.

: Great. Then I'll make my way to Robert's. See you soon, OK?

: Yeah, yeah. Sure.

: Map - 4, Inventory - lost count.

: You know the drill.

: Robert! I've got some news! We're going to do the deal of the century! Robert? What's wrong? Aren't you talking to me?

: Please, don't talk to her.

: Damn!

: Hi. What are you looking at out there?

: I'm just looking at the clouds.

: Aha. You're not any better, are you?

: Cathryn, your father called me.

: What? Where did he get your number?

: He didn't say. He's worried about you. He wanted to warn me. Wanted me to talk to you.

: Next thing we know, Odila was hired by her dad to teach her a life lesson. No, this game is not that amusing.

: Warn? About what? Is he trying to intimidate YOU now? That's so typical.

: Who are we working for right now, Cathryn?

: For a good thing.

: Are you sure? Who is the man you met at the London Eye? Do you know his name?

: You father warned is about doing business with certain people. People who are ruthless and insane.

: He should know about that... How does he know what we're doing? You didn't tell him about it did you?

: No. He didn't say it in so many words, but I got the impression that he knows. He thinks we're in danger Cathryn. In great danger.

: Tom. He must have spoken to Tom.

: You know, Cathryn's hatred for her father could have been more understandable, if the game had explained the reason for it.

: Who's Tom?

: My ex-boyfriend. I... told him a little bit about it. But just hints, really. My father must have spoken to him.

: You told him WHAT?

: Nothing bad, really. Just that we... yeah, well, that we... redistribute.

: Well bravo. And he told your father.

: Considering the fact that his daughter is a thick idiot, he'd better keep at it.

: Perhaps that's why you feel like you're being watched... ?

: I think he's REALLY worried Cathryn. He sounded honest. We're stopping all of this. Today. Immediately.

: Yay!

: We... we can't do that.

: Yes, we can.

: I've just sealed a new deal. Ten minutes ago.

: Then you'll just have to unseal it.

: I can't.

: Why not?... You're scared of the guy yourself.

: (keeps quiet)

: It seems your father isn't far from the truth.

: Listen. I've already spoken to Mike about it. We're going on holiday after this one. And if you want, we can stop completely. But we've gotta do this deal. I've accepted it.

: What is it this time?

: The Musée de Paris. It's a portrait of George Washington.

: When?

: We've got ten days.

: (keeps quiet)

: (keeps quiet)

: Are you with us?

: (keeps quiet)

: Please.

: You've gotta call Tom. I want to know what he told your father.

: As soon as I find the right room to do it in.

: Yes. I'll call him. We've gotta leave tomorrow morning. Will you manage?

: I hope so.

: (keeps quiet) I'm sorry Robert. I should have spoken to you all first.

: Yes, you should have.

: (keeps quiet)

: The music actually drowns a lot of this scene but the more tags I add the higher the odds I forget to close them.

: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, do that.

: I... I'll be off then...

: Have a good trip.

: The game bugs out again, and Cathryn won't stop staring at Robert. She can however...

: Can we go to the museum?

: Not now.

: Loft it is.

: Guys... ? Hey there!

: Oh, the "Phone Tom" option is gone. After we've got a proper reason to do it.

: This is the first time since the intro we do shit on this screen. And by "do shit" I mean...

: Hey Mike.

: Hi.

: Where's Bernard?

: Not here. Like always.

: I don't believe it.

: Had to go to town. But I've already spoken to him. How was it at McBride's?

: Good. Everything's fine. He'll do it.

: Hallelujah!

: We've got to pack. We're leaving tomorrow morning. We'll put the plan together once we're in Paris.

: Why the rush? Shouldn't we...

: No, we shouldn't... And we ought to clear the loft, just in case.

: Just in case? You mean, in case the cops turn up here, or what?

: Better safe than sorry...

: (keeps quiet)

: It's spreading like the plague!

: Mike. You usually like to be careful about these things. So, let's be careful now, OK?

: You don't need to tell ME. Perhaps you ought to have a think about whether you're careful enough.

: (keeps quiet) I'm going downstairs. Got a call to make.

: Oh, the Tom call migrated to this phone.

: This is Cathryn.

: Hey! Cathryn! Nice to hear from you. I was starting to...

: Start by facing the phone.

: Oh. OK... ?

: Did my father call you again... ?

: Why... ?

: Did he or didn't he?

: Yes, he did. Is that bad?

: I don't know yet... What did you talk about?

: Yeah well... about you, of course. You know Cathryn... he really misses you. He means it. You should give him another chance.

: What did you tell him about me?

: Nothing. Nothing in particular. That you're doing well. I told him you're politically active. That you're still hanging out with people from uni. That kind of thing.

: A bit more precise please. Did you tell him that I'm a criminal or something?

: Of course not! What makes you think that? You aren't! ... You... aren't, are you?

: No. Of course I'm not.

: There. You see. So what's the problem?

: Nothing. Nothing at all. I just wanted to know if you'd talked.

: You're not very well, are you?

: Come on Cathryn. I know you. WHAT'S wrong? Don't you want to tell me?

: No, Tom. I don't want to. I don't want to tell you anything right now.

: (keeps quiet)

: Fuck you, whoever wrote this script.

: Sorry. I didn't mean it like that. I'm not really feeling too good. Listen, I'll call again OK? I've got things to do today.

: OK... do that. Take care of yourself, right?

: You too.

: Were you listening in?

: Oh, I remember this line from an earlier update.

: I could hear you though half the house. Is there a problem?

: No. No problem.

: Are you sure..? Cathryn, if we're in trouble, then perhaps Bernard and I should know about it too.

: Have you packed yet?

: So you don't want to talk about it?

: Happy?

: Hey. What's wrong, have you been arguing?

: No, everything's fine. And now I've got to go and pay in the money.

: I've done that already.

: What?! When?

: Just now. I was in town. Didn't Mike tell you?

: You just took the money from my room?

: Yeah. Is that so bad? I thought the sooner we got the money out of the house the better. After all, it's all incriminating evidence, isn't it?

: You can't just take things from my room! Especially not money.

: For thieves you're pretty petty.

: Why... is it YOUR money?

: Of course. Cathryn decides everything around here anyway: What we do. Where we go. Who we give the money to.

: Hey guys, what do you want from me? Have I done something wrong?

: How is anyone friends with Cathryn?

: No, not yet. Hopefully it'll stay that way.

: I though we were friends? Friends trust one another. We're friends aren't we?

: Oh, look, there's a message light on the machine. It just happened out of thin air.

: Hey. It's alright.

: (keeps quiet)

: Come on Mike. I think Cathryn needs some space.

: I had to brighten up one of the last shots of the fade out, because...

: They're giving her some space in style.

: Yep.

: Good. Off we go then.

: No more loft scenes!

: No! NO! Fuck off, Jack. No more monologues today.

This thread needs a "Keep calm and (keeps quiet)" poster. Not counting mine, there are 11 instances of the line in this update alone.

P.S. I regret to inform you that I'm finally running out of the 15 Days footage I recorded about a year ago, so I'll have to go back to playing and recording the sodding wreck instead of less monotonous and better written games, like Drakengard 1.