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Part 2: Heart of oppression

Monday madness update!

Heart of oppression

Artrigo is pretty dead. There's nothing of note here except the government offices, the hospital, and the bar.

The area is defended by the Guardia Civil, rather than the regular police. There are also army guys like this one hanging around:

Inside the gov't offices are a cold-blooded lady (whom everyone knows is sleeping with the dictator)...

...And Senor Rebenga in the office next door.

There's a security guy upstairs...

...And the dictator himself (not seeing visitors) is close by.

The bar lies two streets over.

And here's Mister Sister's lost love!

Rebenga wants Ivanov to dispose of a terrorist named Raul Mangosta, in the storm-ravaged coastal town of Santa Maria. Conveniently, the preacher who's harassing Elliot is there as well.

Ivanov arrives at the local bar, with its local arms dealer.

Our hero coughs up for a pistol belt with holster.

So this mercenary walks into a bar...

...And finds the dolt who left him stranded in the jungle with no equipment.

Just to be absolutely clear, this scene is not in the vanilla game.

Paquito is a wretched caricature of a man, but he's worth dealing with for two reasons. One, he's a free merc with decent starting stats. Two, he has a car.

The Russkie popgun and drugs need to go, however.

Bad dudes?

Finding the preacher is easy. So is shutting him up.

Paquito finds some abandoned crates and peeks inside.

Ivanov tracks down Mangosta.

One man's terrorist, another man's freedom fighter.

The situation is resolved amicably, leaving Ivanov with the dog tags Rebenga wanted, plus a pass to meet the rebels.

No, Paquito. Put it back.

The local hotel seems to be under lockdown.

Paquito dug up a bunch of gear, mostly tac-vests, belts and light body armor. The extras go into the trunk of the car.

Back to Artrigo with the blatant lies good news. Traveling in a vehicle is fast, but noisy.

Paquito goes to Elliot, and finds another magazine nearby.

Ivanov enjoys this one more than the last.

Rebenga accepts Mangosta's dog tags without asking too many questions and hands over a pass to the Zone. The game gives you an option to throw it away.

The government is already taking credit for my hard work.

Now it's time to find Ivanov's lost luggage. Paquito dimly remembers visiting one of the hookers in Puerto Viejo.

Mister Sister is overjoyed to hear that Elliot is coming back to him. His reward is a pretty neat thing.

The nice thing about dumping your junk in the trunk is that you don't have to unload it yourself.

I'm not sure why the game has an M91/59 and not an M38, but whatever.

According to the hooker, Paquito was hanging out with somebody named Daft Willy in Campecino. Off we go!