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Part 8: Base basics

Fast turning is still in 7.62, though I don't use it much. The AI does, though!

Base basics

Now we have a base to operate from for the rest of the game. The safe can be used to store extra equipment, and the supply crates have some bonus goodies.

A Pernach for Kelly and a thirty-aught-moosefucker for Paquito:

Here's another nice mess you've gotten me into.

We'll deal with that later.

You want a job? I got one: find the Jackal five bandits, and keel them.

Cali-Cantinos, the northernmost town in Palinero, is the go-to place for serious firepower.

Take your hands off me, Russischer schwein!

An old buddy from Brigade E5 also sells guns here...

As does the man we've been hired to pick up.

The border fortress doesn't admit visitors.

Ivanov etc. return to find the Bobling base under attack!

...For all of twenty seconds.


The Boblings pay pretty well for this work.

No, Mister Lond, I expect you to die

Before we take any more jobs, we need to confront a former employer. Ivanov, Paquito and Kelly stake out the bar in Puerto Viejo.

The establishment is awfully crowded all of a sudden. Benny's a good runner, so she gets to stick her hand in the lion's mouth.

Benny dives behind the bar and escapes out the back door as bullets fly.

.45 ACP is a man-stoppin' round. It stopped these mans from doing any damage.

New at the local trader: