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Part 9: This one goes to eleven

Updating early today since I had some screenshots left over from the last session.

This one goes to eleven

That Buffalo Bore needs a good gun to shoot it out of.

More work from Billy-Bob:

Head 'em off!

We are?

After a brief chase, the squad evades their pursuers. Benny and Ivanov take turns scouting until they get a fix on the enemy.

Odds are good that those guys will zerg rush the team. Ivanov gets their attention and lures them back towards the others, using the terrain to funnel them into a narrow killing field.

What started as an ambush quickly turns into a reenactment of Rorke's Drift.

The last of the Jingoes launch a flanking attack, to no avail.

Cargo secured, back to the harbor!

Then it's off to Cali-Cantinos to meet Stefan Uribe again. Along the way, some of the team pick up new equipment.

A few of the submachine guns and most of the assault and battle rifles in 7.62 can have their magazines jungle-taped together for a reloading speed bonus. Algeiran government forces sometimes use plastic mag clamps as well.

Uribe's task is to bump off a crooked politician in Artrigo.

Driving north, the team has its first random encounter with a bandit gang. In a random encounter, the player must kill all enemies or move all mercs into the yellow exit circles to escape. Enemies may be bandits, slavers, or members of a faction you're at war with.

Night owned.


Easy money.

Now we have to drive all the way back to Cali-Cantinos. Ivanov stops in Campecino to buy more milsurp.

Aces! Mugged again!