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Part 10: That's a Boer word, isn't it?

Appointment canceled, update delivered.

That's a Boer word, isn't it?

Now the opponents are an unknown commando group with some interesting hardware.

Uribe's reward makes it worthwhile, unlocking a second inventory for most of the traders.

Meanwhile, Algeira's civil conflict is beginning to heat up. Ivanov's band encounters a rebel force en route to Ciudad de Oro:

Our heroes turn around and rush back there.

Spectating these firefights can land you some gear the traders don't stock yet.

More woes for Billy-Bob...

On the upside, Jim-Bob is selling now.

To battle!

Found the convoy... and a shitload of Jingoes with it. The team makes a brief stand at the shore of a pond before retreating under heavy fire.

Kelly goes down with grenade fragments in her leg. Paquito stops the bleeding while Ivanov and Benny cover him from high ground.

When the last of the Jingoes falls, a familiar face turns up. Looks like the robbery was an inside job.

The plot thickens.

Daft Willy spills the beans: Big Bob is in on this as well.

Kelly crawls into the hospital.

While she recuperates, the rest go shopping.

Big Bob is at least smart enough to know when he's beaten.

His Jingo accomplices, not so much.

One killing spree later, it's back to business.

A final supply run...

...And then it's time to finish off the Jingoes for good.