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Part 11: Charlies in the hills

Cyrano4747 posted:

I'm not nearly as far along as you are yet, but holy shit the dialogue in the Blue Sun quests

In hindsight, I should have put up a warning.

Charlies in the hills

Our lads (and ladies) approach from a thinly defended pass overlooking the mine, working in pairs to clear the left and right paths.

The area is secured, leaving this one guy with a functioning sense of self-preservation.

He guides the party to a bunker built inside the mine.

The Jingoes offer fierce resistance, up until one of their members fumbles a grenade throw.

At last we come face to face with the Jingo commander.

Seeing that the game is up, he not only divulges the location of the stolen gold, but even volunteers to join the group. Besides having the highest skills of any merc we've picked up so far, he brings along some novelties.

The Jingo lockers have fun stuff too.

Billy-Bob is pleased, and has good news to share:

As a reward for their good service, the team receives new sidearms.

Then it's away to the meeting place!

All's well that ends well. Next time we'll take a break from the BSM jobs and do some vanilla quests.