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Part 16: Ivanov's truck song

SpookyLizard posted:

That's why I used spoiler tags?

This LP utilizes a technique known in certain... television circles as contrived drama.

bunnielab posted:

Also am I correct in thinking that heavy machineguns are pretty worthless?

Not if you deploy them smartly.

Ivanov's truck song


Even just for a daaaaaaay

I'd find that jerk Bashirov

I guarantee there'd be hell to paaaaaaay

Rockin' jungle-taped maaaaaaags

Taclight and a LAAAAAAAM

A nice scope by Leupold

A bayonet just 'cause I caaaaaaan

Go away bandits, there is music being made here. <>

Back to running errands.

Oh boy, another raiding party!

They didn't drop any good loot, though, so off to Ciudad de Oro we go.

Call it a practice run for regime change.

This mission seems to bring a lot of grief to first-time players. The trick is to wait until just after 3:00 AM...

...Make sure there are no civvies nearby (leave and reenter the map if there are)...

...Then talk Nunez into showing you his gun. You need to use your player character for this, since it appears in his/her inventory and Nunez will turn hostile if he/she is standing too far away.

Shoot Nunez. Precise aim isn't necessary if you've met the other stealth requirements: I once killed him with eleven shots to the foot and the game accepted that just fine.

You'll know you did it right if nobody else turns hostile and combat mode ends as soon as Nunez dies.

Now open your inventory, put the gun back into the corpse's inventory, and wait for the quest to update:

I pulled it off on the first try this time.

Another ambush!

This time it's a heavily armed band of slavers.

These should come in handy.

Tanya's really stepping up the war effort all of a sudden.

No more jobs from her for the moment, however.

Uribe and Rodriguez did finally appear at the army base.

And the resident dealer has been making some calls:

These crates are really handy - put one of each caliber in the truck and use those to refill mags after a fight instead of carrying around lots of little boxes.

We got nukes, we got knives, sharp sticks...