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Part 17: Let us now praise the troy ounce

Let us now praise the troy ounce

New job from Billy-Bob: dive into The Automator's dreams.


Our target is a well dressed man with a shitload of bodyguards.

Once again, we exploit the terrain when outnumbered.

boom clickclack boom clickclack

Where's Walyu?

Switching to primariest primary!

Because we suck, and they hate us.

That turned out pretty well, but Rob Yu has found a better position south of the river. Pack it up, ladies!

Picking up the OICW triggers a wave of enemy reinforcements.

Rob Yu endorses the single bullet theory.

ratatat ratatat

Wave after wave of reinforcements come, but the team stands its ground.

Georgiy of the Jungle

Doctor Joooooooooooo

More scum!

Pucker up and kiss the ground.

Ivanov, master of stealth.

And from that slaughter we earned...

...A goddamn whale.

Two HKs, two AKs, and one Pimpmaster to rule them all.