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Part 26: Rico Reyes sleeps with the pigeons

Rico Reyes sleeps with the pigeons

We've been edging closer and closer to Cali-Cantinos for a while now. The time has come to take it over.

Not a crazed gunman, Dad.

Sadly, the mission cannot be completed without killing Rico.

But it's not a game-breaker since most of the good stuff is also carried by regular traders now.

The team calls in some militia and returns to BS HQ.

And so ends our collaboration with Comrade Huh.

We could finish the main quest in a jiffy now, but where would the fun be in that?

A pit stop at the army base...

...And then it's back to revolutions and stuff.

Olvega, ho!

Ramon Marquez: successful guerrilla and colossal dick.

Still, it's just another ambush job. We've done plenty of them before.