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Part 27: Hard stuff done easy

Hard stuff done easy

This is one of the most difficult missions in the entire game. You start in an exposed position, facing a large and well armed force, with a bunch of friendly NPCs in your line of fire. The sheer number of enemies will send your mercs into shock if their reaction stats are too low, like poor Benny up there.

In previous playthroughs, I beat this mission by softening the troops with grenades and picking off the survivors, but this time I decided to do something different. It went a lot better for me than it usually does.

Step one: have Benny, Paquito and Kelly take cover behind the slope at the edge of the pond.

Step two: send Ivanov and Rob Yu to the rock outcrop above the pond at maximum speed, taking as few hits as possible.

Step three: make with the reaming of assholes!

Fighting them head on would not have ended well. Both sides were carrying high-tier gear.

Back to Biggus Dickus with the good news.

Now that we've taken part in open hostilities against Sosa's regime, moving around won't be so easy. Ivanov tells the others to wait in Olvega and puts on somebody else's shorts.

And so he waltzes into Sagrada unscathed.

Thank goodness that's the last we'll see of him.

This dialog option does not appear if your player character is female.

On the way to Ciudad de Oro, the team runs into a Guardia unit.

Taking Ciudad de Oro is another HAHA FUCK YOU mission in vanilla 7.62, wherein you must defeat the numerous troops in the town and then a wave of reinforcements right after them, all while keeping Vittori de Castigo from dying in a banzai charge. BSM makes it a lot easier by keeping him and his native fighters neutral until the second wave appears. The BSM friendly fire feature also averts a serious vanilla bug, in which hitting civilian bystanders would cause rebels at Tanya's camp to turn hostile.

We can make it even easier by entering at night disguised as Algeiran troops. Mindful of past ambushes, Ivanov and Kelly mine the entry points.

Ivanov suits up and gets the garrison's attention.


Flank and counter-flank.

Ten out of ten Rob Yus agree - there's no kill like overkill. It helps that traders now stock .50 BMG in cases of one hundred.

Paquito hoses down some runners with his war trophy M60.

Ivanov hunts down the last stragglers, and then...




Back to base.

This promotion grants access to the doctor and quartermaster in the rebel camp. You want Warsaw Pact, this is the place to buy it.