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Part 32: I was gonna end the war, but then I got high

Crank up your funding and let the taxes pay for it, basically. Some of the locations I control in my current session started with fifteen militia hired up front and now have garrisons of 45+ with no further intervention on my part.

I was gonna end the war, but then I got high

First they sent us to protect the drug baron, now they send us to kill him.


First the baron, then his plantation.

Gunnar's MG3 overheats after two drums. He makes a fast barrel swap.

Moments later, Benny's M16 jams.

The team fights on despite dwindling ammunition reserves, tracers and muzzle flashes blazing in the dark.

Kelly's rifle overheats. Undeterred, she switches to the grenade launcher.

The battle is won, but it took a toll on our equipment.

We went back to the jungle camp, but Vittori de Castigo wasn't there. Turns out he and his native buddies retook Ciudad de Oro in the meantime.

Looks like retaking Puerto Viejo is up to us, though.