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Part 33: Hillside holdup

Random thought: it would be neat if you could make the army base mechanic fabricate backwards-bullet ammo from cheap FMJ as an alternative to buying JHPs in little boxes. Even at my current progress level, high-quality rifle ammo is fairly scarce.

Hillside holdup

The team run into some pissant bandits in the hills near Puerto Viejo.


Even lowlife crooks are profiting from the civil war, it looks like.

The second battle for Puerto Viejo goes much like the first.

Sadly, it turns out the mayor packed his bags and fled town. Back to Tanya, I guess.

The invasion of Campecino pits our six lads and ladies against a large force of army and Guardia personnel. The mercs attack in teams of three, clawing their way from one street to the next.

Enemies lurk around every corner.

Paquito spots an opportunity and locks down the main road on the west side.

Gunnar rambos across the east road, leaving a trail of dead soldiers in his wake.

Ivanov lurks in the bushes around the church, popping rounds into exposed heads.

Kelly clears the police station single-handed with hipfire and grenades.

Once the troops are gone, sorting out the administration goes smoothly.

Honey, I'm hooo-ooome!

The rebels have managed to hold onto the plantation and Ciudad de Oro. El Vertigo's fifty-man militia easily repels all intruders.

On to Sagrada!