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Part 34: The wee little update

The wee little update

Infiltrating the target area goes off without a hitch.

Bullets fly like raindrops as Ivanov and Rob Yu dominate the long streets.

Someone's about to have a very bad morning.

Gunnar and Paquito leave no hiding place unscathed.

Where the hell is my glove?

Done deal - and no waiting around for reinforcements this time.

All is not well in Sagrada, however.

Benny catches two bandits with their pants down.

Ivanov nails one from the steps of the unemployment office. Rob Yu and Gunnar finish the rest.

Gee, and after we've become filthy rich too.

Calling it now: the future leaders of Algeira will be a litter of half-Russian kids.

Paquito gets a different kind of reward.