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Part 35: Big bags of brass

Big bags of brass

Suddenly Tanya needs us to defend Olvega against a government attack. I thought that was what Biggus Dickus was there for.

Best be prepared for anything.

The team arrives in Olvega safely, and moments later...



But hey, at least there's sex with the guerrilla babe to look forward to.

Sosa's elite? Try so-so elite!

Back on the road. Meanwhile a militia detachment leaves El Vertigo to stir up trouble in government-reoccupied Ciudad de Oro.

The mercs make another perfect infiltration. Suddenly guards start dropping left and right.

Those inside the base run straight into a hail of armor-piercing incendiaries.

Then it's a simple matter of chasing down holdouts and calling in the militia.

The other militia slowly advance, steamrolling government patrols as they go.