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Part 37: Smash the state

Smash the state

At last the moment we've all been waiting for.

The militia set their sights on Puerto Viejo.

In Artrigo, the regime's leaders come out swinging.

General Sosa dies alone on a backstreet sidewalk.

A pitched battle unfolds around the gateways on either side of the government building.

Surprise, jackboots!

Ultimately all three of Sosa's top officials fall to Kelly, the ex-cop from Sagrada.

Ivanov rushes into the offices and secures the incriminating tape moments before enemy reinforcements arrive on the scene.

He stops just long enough to grab some documents off Sosa's lackeys.


Paquito is separated from the others and driven into a cul-de-sac.

Ivanov engages the Guardia from the government steps.

Paquito makes a break for it.

Ivanov switches to his shotgun as the survivors rush him.

Finally the town is secured. Time to meet Tanya.

The exchange goes off without any ambushes, for once.

The team stops in Olvega to get Tanya fitted out.


Sagrada is still in rebel hands, but government troops quickly intrude.

Tanya starts her broadcast and the others fight on.

Rob Yu: recoil junkie.

What up, nerves-of-steel sniper buddy?

The rebels and native fighters do pretty well for themselves.

After the battle, there's nothing to do but wait.

And wait.


The government forces make a last desperate attempt to seize Campecino. The militia next door take exception.