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Part 40: Not to Gold Cup standards

Not to Gold Cup standards

In Sagrada, the Garand matches go both ways.


Fact: D. K. Shrute was a rube. Now he's a dead rube.


Rebels attack Puerto Viejo. *yawn*

Per the good reader's advice, this time we proceed straight to the army base after taking Mister Lond's assignment.

Paquito and Christina cover the rear, taking out Garl as they fall back.

Shotgun sisters clear the way forward.

Lo and behold, we got the job done before Lond could call in his 'tourist' lackeys.

Miraculously, local traders are now selling a few boxes of 7.62x54R.

And just in time.


It is well known in mercenary circles that brightly colored shirts attract bullets.

Lond himself slipped away, but perhaps we'll finish him later. In the meantime there are goods to be recovered.

In the first round, we did this mission by daylight and had to first outrun and then outgun a horde of angry Jingoes. Going in the dark, we can sneak right up...

...Dump a few flechette shells to rouse 'em...

...And high-tail it back to the base of fire.

When the Jingoes fan out to search for the attacker, Christina lights them up from the right flank.

They pursue her into a cul-de-sac where one man after another meets his deadliest foe...

7.62 tok

Paquito's BAR thins out the enemy numbers, and Kelly clears out the stragglers.

Nice gun, shame nobody will sell the ammo or mags for a while yet.

On the following night, the group encounters slavers.

...Followed by bandits.

Work for the Boblings is interrupted to save Robert De Niro and his flying machine from other ne'er-do-wells.

If it ain't C&R, it ain't shit.

The kidnappers come out swinging.

Kelly swings some +P Buffalo Bore into them. Job well done!