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Part 44: The silent but deadly update

The silent but deadly update

Tough crowd tonight.

The suppressor is highly effective. It leaves Christina's enemies either blindfiring into the dark or running around in the manner of decapitated poultry.

Loot 'n' leave.

Another tough crowd.

Bushes offer effective concealment.

A group of soldiers block the road. Mortar time!

Christina, Queen of the Jungle

Apparently special forces are using sporter thumbhole stocks now.


Heintron-approved optical setup.

"That's an, um... interesting gun, Alejandro."

Color-coordinated combat.

Fish guns!

Space guns!

Black guns!

Painted guns!

pew pew pew

Decisions, decisions...

Your bipod buddy won't save you now!


Last round, go!


Shame we can't take any of this with us.

And so ends the Evolution of Weapons campaign.

Upon returning to Puerto Viejo, we find our original gear and reward weapons safely stored in the magic locker.

Show's over, back to the war!