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Part 49: Uprange, Downrange

Dingus status: revoked. Updates posted: fifty.

Uprange, Downrange

The 'Record' function has been discussed before, but I normally don't use it. This occasion was an exception, since one thing it's really good for is moving all your squaddies at once without them bumping into each other and standing around in the open.

It's pretty simple: click the button and start plotting out your commands. The game will move the selected merc forwards, without animation, as a preview.

As a general reminder, it's almost always better to fight at night when you need to keep friendly NPCs alive.

I normally hate the convoy mission, as many do, but it went really well this time. I was able to save both the guide and the dealer, and the only injuries sustained were from a single grenade at the outset.

Then it's onward to Cali-Cantinos for the last of the easy hit jobs.

Heading back, Team Hennessey Hope is ambushed by Immortal Badasses. Voltaire's remark upon the Holy Roman Empire comes to mind.

The team's loadout gets a shakeup before the next job:

The Krauf mission goes as expected. Rob Yu spots the ambush leader coming in the dark and drops him with two rounds.

His buddies react accordingly.

brakka brakka brakka

Another day, another hit. Last time I ended up just killing everyone.

Dude visits lady, lady gives dude poisoned booze, dude dies. Not surprisingly, his guards go aggro.

...But we expected that.

This is very much a HAHA FUCK YOU mission, mostly because of the large group of enemies who spawn behind you armed with a bushel of grenades.

Paquito has a pill for that.


Kelly does an end-around, pinning the last guards in a crossfire. Just another day at the office.