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Part 50: Mental Beer

Mental Beer

War with Palinero draws near, and Team Hope needs more bodies. Say hello to our old friend Ludwig...

...And our new friend Sergey.

Hiring and equipping these two nearly wiped out my funds, but it was worth the expense.

Under cover of night, Christina's crew surrounds the Palineran SIGINT outpost.

Sergey picks off one of the sentries, distracting the garrison while Rob Yu slips through their camp.

Star light, star bright, ninth dude I kill tonight...

Their entire garrison was eliminated without ever raising the alarm, and the Palineran authorities are unaware of our involvement. Their patrols remain neutral, saving us a great deal of time and trouble.

Not so for the slavers.



The strike team assembles outside a Palineran airfield. Rob Yu is wearing camo like the others, but the mesh selection is bugged.

"...We're in."

Brothers 'n' arms.

"Hector, stop clowning around and get back to work."


"Guys, I totally just saw Jesus go by on a pogo stick!"

"Jesus? Is that moron goofing off again?"

"Actually I meant the other Jesus."

"Boys, we got ourselves a situation here."

"Who could have taken out our guys like that?"

Loot from the dead and wares from the militia trader enhance our tactical sneaking abilities.

En route to the next operation, the team encounters a performing troupe.

Sergey is very impressed by their heartfelt rendition of the Charge of the Blight Brigade.

The Palineran fuel dump is secured in minutes.

Sergey and Kelly have earned some upgrades.

Another day, another gang.

I see you see me!