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Part 57: Holding Pattern

Holding Pattern

We all know the drill: get into town, run away from the spawn points, and set up bases of fire in the handful of seconds we have before the rebels attack.

Kill the rebels in the open streets...

...Then flush out those hiding in the alleys.

Sebastian has his own surprisingly noble agenda.

Yo, pudgy narcodude...

Calderon's bodyguards had all disappeared, so for the cost of a few bullets I got a new base and another free teamster.

All in a day's work, ma'am.

With judicious use of suppressors and sniper fire, taking the plantation is stupidly easy.

Too bad I had to give it away to the army.

Oh well. Money's still good.

Same deal as before.

I wonder if Apeiron was trying to tell us something with all these tactically valuable hospital rooftops.

One quick sweep and then we're outta here.

What part of "in it for the money" do you not understand, sister?