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Part 59: A bang and a whimper

A bang and a whimper

In the end, Team Hope could not overcome their greatest, glitchiest obstacle.

But they would not give up the battle. They would not call it quits. They would not go quietly into the night. The squad turned west and set their sights on a mission long neglected, aiming for one final blaze of glory. For months, Ippolit Bashirov had run. Spurned by the government, the rebels and the cartels alike, he hid out in a camp far from the beaten paths of civilization.

Today his nemesis came to collect.

The fugitive's guards were slaughtered in a brief but vicious firefight. Those who fled were cut down from their own watchtowers.

The team adopted one more man for the road.

And one for the paycheck.

So it ended.

Christina and her friends roamed across Algeira for fifty-six days, slaughtering 1157 men and women in their pursuit of cold cash and unregulated firepower. They got their man in the end, but at what cost?

This Let's Play ran for nearly eight months, accumulating 2192 screenshots spread across sixty installments. My thanks go to Apeiron for creating 7.62, to the Blue Sun team for adding so much to it, and to the goons of TFR for making this project happen.

Merry Christmas.