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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 1

Time to meet our characters!

Slaying Man'tis the Thri-Kreen fighter, armed with ninja stars for some reason.

Aishlinn the human thief who came armed with a long sword for some reason instead of the usual stabby daggers.

Kug the giant dual wielding a club and sword.

And a dude whose name I forgot to change. Kornec. He is a half-human-half-dwarf which is called a Mul apparently. It was something unique to this setting, so I went with it. I made him a fighter/cleric.

Immediately we are thrown to the wolves so to speak.

We watch helplessly as Celgor (old dude in a brown cloak about to be eaten) is destroyed in a cloud of dust/magic/smoke. Or was he? Apparently the green things are Sligs.

Time for us to shine, watch me move and prepare for combat!

Chaaaaaaarge! We must avenge Celgor even though I have no idea who it is. Chaaaaaaaarge!

Combat looks like this. Kug basically destroys shit while the other people hang out and chillax. The end text gets cut off but basically says "Okay, you gladiators are great now go back to your pens like nice little boys and girls."

Question: Do we go meekly back to our pens, or do we explore and/or murder guards and/or die?