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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 6

ArchWizard posted:

I bet the dude is underpaid and disgruntled. Let's see if he'll help us escape in exchange for some of our money.

So we got a flask to hold water, and bribed him pointlessly. I call it a victory. He also let us know there is a super secret way out of here.

I'm going to link this next gif because it's 9MB. It's me wildly moving the mouse around to try to show the impressive scope of the world. It was absolutely impressive to my 9 year old self. I mean look at it. There are more than 2 people to talk to, there is one dude walking ON HIS OWN, and the graphics are mindbottling.

9MB Gif of slavepens:
Smaller imgur GIFv file:

So now I'm going to wander around, chat with the three interesting people (dude walking, generic fighter wearing blue instead of brown, and the guy that looks like a distinguished gentleman with gray at his temples.)

Maybe I'll break the game and die. Remind me to save.

Ideas on what to do next after I chat and maybe unlock new quests/things to do/fuck something up and have to reload?