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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 7

T-t-t-triple post

We decide to explore the slave pens. I steal anything not nailed down. I discover there is no such thing as a quest log, so I have to remember all sorts of bullshit. I've started writing crap down. No wonder my 9 year old self failed so bad at this.

I talk to Mirlon who apparently does not have gray hair. Just his sprite does.

I ask him about escape because lets face it, I want to escape and do... something.

Ah, bribes will help us escape. This will be simple then. Step 1: Get gem. Step 2: Apply bribes.

God damnit. Step 1: Find tied up guy. Step 2: Get him water. Step 3: Get Gem. Step 4: Apply bribes.
Wait, scratch that. Step 1: find water container. Step 2: Fill up water. Step 3: Go back to arena. Step 4: Fight and win. Step 5: Find tied up guy. Step 6: Get him water. Step 7: Get gem. Step 8: Return Gem to Mirlon. Step 9: Apply Bribes. Step 10: Escape.

This should be a cakewalk since I accidentally got a water jug earlier.

Thanks brah.

Okay, so Generic Blue is the boss. Got it.

Scar is kind of a dickhole. We're not powerful enough to talk to the almighty Scar. I think that's his name. Already forgot.

Lets talk to the Wandering dude. His name is "Trustee" and apparently he's an Ex-gladiator that gets some freedom around here.

We find out the names of the other people we've already talked to.

And we learn all about them.

Note to self, maybe trusting Mirlon with a gem is a bad idea.

Thanks Trustee, for unlocking a random door for absolutely no reason.

Man'tis is about to level up while the other guys aren't even close. I'm changing the main character to whoever has the lowest experience.

He starts off calling us Newbies, but he hasn't even fought in the arena.

Oh hey, there is a water thing over there. Thanks!

We learn about Trustee.

About this time I learn we can snoop. I do. What's he going to do? Say we can't?

Not sure who Petchul is, but I'll keep it in mind (if you guys remind me because I have a terrible memory for names).

And I missed a screenshot of it, but there were 3 (what I thought were barrels) clay jugs sitting there to the left. In games like this you always destroy barrels, so I did.

They weren't nailed down so I took them.

And I may have found the gem that I just created a 12-step plan to get. So that saved a bunch of work.

I'm going to take a nap, heal, rest up mana points and I'm taking any and all ideas!