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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 9

Day 2, FIGHT!

I take my time getting up there to the jailor. He is smarmy.

At least we get a rousing speech before we have to kill people.

Four halflings. Two archers, two punchers. They do a total of 0 damage. Aishlinn is seen stabbing a dude in the back for pretty good damage.

Slaying Man'tis joins the fray and kills a guy in one turn.

Kornec does the same.

I missed a screenshot. It was the announcer saying "That was TOO easy! Send out monsters!" This is what showed up.

I know I know, I'm awesome.

Damn skippy we are!

The mo' money we come upon the mo' problems we see.

I can't go back, I got things to do!

Giving him water and cutting him loose gives me 750xp each! Insane. My guys are level 2, 3, and 4 now. I need to start using magic/psionic stuff in fights.

Meet me in the holding pen, we'll chat there!

This is the most useless conversation ever. Mostly because we already found the gem. He swears we're part of the Veiled Alliance, denies he is part of it. He tells us where the gem is hidden, and then says he wouldn't make it back to his cell in the pens so he'll just hang out outside.


Back to the pens with us!

And now it brings up a bunch of choices.

Do we:
A) Give the sketchy guy the gem so he can start bribing people.
B) Chat with Scar and see if we can become part of his gang.
C) Chat with Melzon (or whatever) and see if we can join them with their already-half-planned jailbreak?

We may need to do all 3 of these things to progress anyway, I honestly don't know.