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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 16

I found that neverending supply of arrows that Aishlinn mentioned.

They came from here.

So pretty much everyone is dead, I'm going to go loot everything I can find. I found a leather belt. And a cloak.

Scar only has one henchman left, but he hasn't even taken a hit yet.

I make myself at home in the armory. There are like 20 more rooms to explore so I'll go do that and get some more screenshots.

And yes, I plan on going back down to the picture quoted in the post above and killing that dude and opening that green chest-looking thing.

Edit: Murdered that dude. No one else alive in the entire slave pen, and I'm not allowed to kill our former slave-buddies.

He talked some shit.

And gave Kug a nice sword!