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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 19

I made my choice. Genocide for the sake of genocide is usually fun, but for the sake of the LP I chose not to kill everyone with Churrrrrrrr.

I snoop in every drain I can find, and Churrrrrr has a drain that I am not supposed to touch. He is level 2 and a complete sissy so I search it anyway and he backs off. I find a ring worth $500 which I equip on the best looking female, Aishlinn. Her competition is a giant and a bug, so it's not really much of a contest to be best looking.

I do some exploring, heading southwest along a narrow corridor and find this asshole who will not let me in. Fine, I'll go around. What a dick.

I find more of these Ratmen or whatever they are (Tari?). They are all hanging out together down here and point me in the direction of the High Priest Mikquetzl after I tell them to shut up and show me to their leader.

McDouble the priest is in the middle of a pack of his ratbuddies. He's human, apparently using the ratmen as sacrifices which is abhorrent to me. Well, it is for this LP. Usually I just murder everyone that moves in games like this. They worship skulls which is odd by itself, but I'm just in time to watch some slicing and dicing! Of course the girl is probably a plot point, so I decide to save her. Slaying Man'tis has a heart of gold and refuses to stand by while innocents are killed!

This is tempting, Kornec is kind of useless, I'd rather have another giant.

But I decide to not be a sacrifice. He offers me a position within his gang to help do bad things. I decline.

He takes it well.

We are quickly surrounded. The mouse is on High Priest McDouble.

I punched McDouble a few times, he fell over.

We hit the bullseye and the dominoes begin to fall like a house of cards. Checkmate.

Oh cool, 1d2 gloves that cause blindness. Not really sure why I would need them, but

We move north through the wide open temple and find what I thought was a corpse. If you squint real hard you can tell it's a tied up ratgirl.

There is a dastardly attack plan; McDouble's boys plan to attack the Skull Temple (whatever that is) so we need to giddyup and save it!

We are so god damn strong we overpower everything.

Whoops, I found the temple. I thought this was the RatGirl's father.

Found the father!

As if it was choreographed to begin when the father/daughter are reunited, the fanatics attack the temple I just accidentally found.

Kug and Slaying Man'tis get to work while Kornec does 6 damage and Aishlinn shoots arrows unless someone is backstabable.

The guys in black armor are the fanatics. They have breached the temple doors! We musn't let them get to the door in the bottom right of the pic.

Ran out of stupid movement points.

The fanatics have killed 3 or 4 defenders, so I throw Kug in the middle to draw their fire. The fanatics and defenders all do 1-3 damage. Kug does ~18 on a regular basis. He also swings 2-4 per attack.

*POW* Right in the kisser!

I just want to get out of the smelly sewers. Plus, Aishlinn is scared of rats and this whole ordeal is terrifying for her.

I remember that the RatFather owes me for saving his daughter. He gives me a helmet which is pretty badass (if I knew what the fuck it did). It has 0AC but can cast a spell of reflection around the wearer which will reflect any gaze-type attack back at the caster. Do I have to manually cast this and waste a turn of punching people?

Oh yeah, thanks for the reminder. I need to talk to the skull elders which I assume are behind that locked door.

I kind of thought the elders would actually be elders, but they're just skulls. Skull Elders. They really went literal with that name.

They talk a lot. Like a LOT.

Hmmm, interesting. And Dagolar must be nearby in order to give them powers...

I get this a lot.

Condescending pricks. When I'm done with whatever quests there are, I might just murder everyone here on principal alone.

After being shot down for knowledge from the skulls that are all about knowledge... I finally get somewhere. Take the magic staff, go northeast and part the waters just like Moses and the Red Sea. Except this will be poo water, and I'm a giant bug.

They offer me parting knowledge of the world stirring. I did a TL;DR here and forgot to get screenshots. Oops.