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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 20

I move to find Daglor in the poo waterfall but I am ambushed. I kill a bunch of slime.

I found a scroll somewhere along the way.

I loot some corpses.

More slime sneak attacks.

Kornec is useful now!

I wave the staff and the poo water parts.

Lets go Daglor'ing. Or Doglor'ing. Or whatever his name is.

Fuck yeah I do.

Oh god damnit a dragon.

Oh. Copyprotection.

I passed!

And I leave you for a few minutes with a linked gif of Daglor/Doglor/Dorlor/Whatever's hideout. It's huge. I have no idea what to do here, but I'm going to start by murdering a bunch of shit.

Smaller GIFv:
10MB Gif: