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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 25

I pop out of the sewers in the middle of a garden/farmland.

Guards guard the gate to the east.

Same for the north gate.

I chat with an old serf to gain his knowledge. I wish I could just eat him to gain his knowledge, but alas.

"You should talk to One-Eye, he's super smart. He hangs out in the middle."

I go near him, he motions me over.

Yet another person who wants to use our muscles for their own gain.

I accept the proposition because that's what I do.

Ah yes, the large "Temple of Doom" thing that looks like we should put a magic stone of some kind into it? Yeah, I saw that.

"I will go get the gem, but you have to let me follow you when you leave."

Just kidding, it was in my shirt.

I'll toss it here on the ground for you to pick up because you have waaaaay too many items to carry.

*looks at magic stone with a hole in the top. *
*looks at big magic gem that I was just handed that looks like it'll fit the hole*

Do I put it in the hole or murder every guard in the area so that I can leave?