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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 28

There is a corpse right here, lets see what he's got. Oooh, neat. A scroll with dire warnings!

Few things here:
1) Ratmen in the sewer and Elder Skulls said much the same thing about the army.
2) 'heroes'? In sarcastic quotes? Fuck you.
3) Your most trusted servant died, and kind of sucks at message-bearing because of that.

Some nosey old bastard comes over to say Hi. Actually, he tells me he read the scroll and believes that the Ostrich approach is the way to go.

He doesn't invite me, but we go to his camp and repeat the same damn conversation word for word.

I'd hate to fight that thing. It's huge.

An exit is to the east.

There's a ratman walking around the center in a circle.

Northeast is another exit. Not pictured is a third exit due north.

Oh, it's not a ratman. It's a lizard.

Ah, Grey Isles. That sounds interesting. Where is it?

Of course! A tunnel! Mind showing me where it is?

That's convenient.

And then we find out why the lizard is so pissy. His tribe was taken over by evil merchants who tricked his chief into single combat, then magic'd their champion and won the fight easily. Now they rule the island while the other lizards are slaves.

And also with you. Or something.

We talked about the town so much I figure we should go hang out in the town for a bit. Maybe we'll find a bar, get our drink on, fuck some bitches...

Take me to your leader. I have business.

Note to self: Crazed halfling seer. Lets chat with him.

Chahl is the village leader.

The town has water for everyone, and a renowned Well-Master.

Chahl is a strong warrior. But a little slow upstairs if you know what I mean.

Ah, he's an idiot. I got it. I was unclear before.