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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 33

Alright, going to hack together an update since using that rod crashed the game and I had to reload a little ways back. I've only explored 4(?) of the areas so far, and all of them gave me "go fetch quests" one way or another. A lizard woman who needs a tribe, a guy with a scorpion that needs salt, a merchant that needs monster body parts...

Anyway, here goes nothing. My motto has been: If they are from the city, they die. May not be the best motto, but I figure I can fight them now or later.

I move north near the guy that looked familiar....

Hah! It is him! And he remembers us! I tell him I hacked through waves of guards to escape.

He thinks we're BFF. I tell him we have matters to discuss.

And now he begins babbling, praying I'll let him live. But I do like treasure... it's a conundrum.

Ah, dragons eye. This is the treasure I remember for some reason. It's one of two parts of the entire game that really stuck with me for 20+ years and I don't know why.

I got the info, and this guy killed how many slaves? I dislike people that have to do with slavery. The only people I hate more are people from the city. PREPARE TO DIE!

He blows a whistle or some shit and guards appear out of nowhere to protect him.

I hit them like a pinata. This guy has a few things, nothing spectacular.

I move to the west and find a messenger wearing city clothes trying to run away from me. I stop him to ask him questions.

He summons a monster that Aishlinn stabs in the back, then Man'tis kills the messenger before he can escape.

It's signed by Petchul. Isn't that the inscription in Dino's wardrobe way back in the slave pens that says "DO NOT TRUST PETCHUL"?

I move northeast and come across what looks to be a slavers camp. I think I said it before, but I hate slavers. Oooh, but look! A templar. Someone from the city. I hate cityfolk more than slavers!

Lets go talk to the leaders. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER.

Not pictured: Me interrupting them haggling and bitching about prices. I offer to buy all the slaves, the Templar gets pissed that the slaver would even consider it. The templar recognizes me, I tell the slaver to side with me and he can have whatever the Templar has on him.

Phew. That worked!

Another magic whistle, guards from the city appear!

Oh no, those slavers are outnumbered 2 to 8! They have no chance!

Now the guards are outnumbered 8 to Kug.

Slaying Man'tis decides to get in on this.

Aishlinn users her new favorite spell. Wall of Fog. It basically makes people stop shooting at them with archers and forces them to walk into the wall of fog where Kug stands with her awesome punchability. She did 66 damage in one hit during this fight, but I was too shocked to grab a screenshot.

The slavers continue to shoot at the city guards.

One of the slavers down there died. Kug will avenge you, poor slaver.

Kornec helps. The elemental is useless, just so useless. It did 10 damage once but that was it.

Kug arrives like a god damn avalanche.

Slaying Man'tis loots everything he wants. Hint: Nothing. It's too tedious to sell 200 articles of crappy guard gear for $10 when I have $100,000 in the bank.

Damn right we're good warriors.

Free the slaves, join us against the city!

Fuck up #1: Not asking him to come with me. I think he would have helped in the next area.

And now it's begun. I cannot go back to town because if I do the final battle will be triggered. (I think)

I move north and find a merchant caravan.

Everyone raves about Larissa the seer. I go to her.


I go rest up because I want my dudes fresh for spell-casting in case I hit something that needs murdering.

This is that idiot-leader Chahl's sister I think.

This is when I realized these people were elves. Look at his ears. I just told another slaver elf to go to town because I didn't want him slowing me down.

This guy has a bunch of magic items, including a gem for the merchant caravan area. I buy everything, then realize I can talk to him to learn about the magic items.

A cloak? I dont know what it does. Kornec has it on.

A magic orb.

Soulcrusher, a 1d8+2 magic weapon. Kug use. Kug crush.

He has no idea what the magic gem is. I do!

Pretty ring. I don't think it actually does anything.

Another gem or something.

A bow that has a pretty name. Not sure it actually does anything. Kornec has it.

Maybe this will stop me from being poisoned?

You graverobbing sack of shit. Kornec has it.