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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 34

I move east and find a spring. A beautiful spring.

Except there are evil cityfolk there forcing slaves to dig!

I move close, someone pops out of the sand and warns me to stay away. I keep going.

I demand to see the templar.

None of your concern, cur!

He didn't like that and combat begins.

Aishlinn makes a wall of fog between us and the archers. The archers move closer, then Kug bursts through the wall of fog and smashes them to shit.

Huh. Maybe I'll take that shovel. It might come in handy. Mayhaps to dig. Maybe for treasure. In the dragon eye.

No, don't run away, give me something magic first assholes!

This is the shield that was mentioned as being good. I don't really see it as good. It does the following: Resist fire. Half damage from fire, +3 to saving throws vs fire. It says it has an armor class of 3 however, when I equip the damn thing it SUBTRACTS 3 from my AC. So Kornec is chilling out with a -1AC. Can't have that, so I don't equip it. Someone tell me if I'm being dumb here.

Hey, more shovels! I'll bring both in case I break one.

Heading north brings me to a town.

And the game glitches here or something. I have the extract in my inventory. I've tried handing it to her and everything, but it doesn't seem to work.

What up, RandomTownGuy#1? You're weird and your city has no guards. That's messed up. I'm going to go talk to the mayor.

So long story short: Wymris the mage took over the town with mind control or some shit. He will release the spell if I get him some statue pieces. I'm already going to fetch about a hundred different things, so what's one more to watch out for?

And now we're all caught up. I think I'll keep heading north until I can't anymore.