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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 36

I move north to see if this guy is actually the dude with the gladiators.

But... you said you were a guard.

Can I just go meet your commander already?

"Short one" is politically correct.

Found the short one.

Shit like the following makes me laugh.

Your guards suck, dude.

That's just awesome.

That guard is certainly more than knocked out.

So about those gladiators... The ones for the lizards.

Of course you have them.

I'll go chat with them and brb

Will do!

What are you doing here?

Good answer. And where are you from?

I know Gedron.

Yeah, he's got mind control going on. Why not escape and be free?

Ah, that's actually a really good reason not to escape. What about the statue?

Why not escape and kill him?

Fine, you won't escape and I know some lizards who really want to buy you. I'll go buy you myself and deliver you to the lizards!

10,000 for gladiators? That seems high. And like fuck I'm giving you a magic sword.

Hows 8000 sound?

Woooo! I'm a slave-owner now! Arant gathers his men and leaves, thinking he's rich with 8000 ceramic pieces.

They left the dead guy.

The game has a different idea of what the word 'dead' means than I do.


FUCK. I have to go kill Wymeris and not bring these slaves to the Lizards that want them. There's a sidequest that just got axed I think!

Yeah, I got both pieces. Wanna fight about it?