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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 37

I give him the statue pieces and he's all nice and just releases the city like he said he would. I think he's a pretty good guy, probably just misunderstood.


But you just released the city, why the hell would I want to fight you? There is absolutely no way this could benefit me.

But I do enjoy punching people and I'm pretty sure this is part of the quest, so....

Oh snap

Note to self: The statue is alive and I am scared of it.

You big jerk. You used my love for punching things against me!

So he's going to let us live, consolidate his power, then kill us the next time he sees us? Someone give me one reason why I should let him go and become more powerful. No one?

Guess that settles it. Engage punching button.

I don't understand any of this quest. He is amazed that I didn't let him walk away and rule the world so he could kill me at a later date?

To be fair: He punched the hell out of Kug. Kug is at 20HP from 145ish. Insane. If he had hit any of the other characters they would have died and I would have had to reload the save.

Countless shards? I have a feeling someone will pick up all the pieces and do this exact same thing again.

I go talk to the mayor. I just did so much shit you still need me to go tell the god damn gladiators that they can come home? Send a fricken pigeon or something.

LADY I JUST SAVED YOUR SISTER. LOOK AT THE BOOK. NO? ARGH. Fine, I'll go get the stupid gladiators.

Hey guys, still not talking? I wanted to tell you that you won't be getting the gladiators but you don't want to talk so I guess you'll never know.

I killed him. Ally with me, the city is planning on wiping out the slaves.

Also gimme a reward.


What up Gladiator? You made it home! Time for that reward...

I am forging an alliance, join me.


Experience is always helpful. Too bad I need 80,000 experience to level now.

Oh, so now you talk to me? Your sister is alive. I tried to tell you earlier but you were a stone cold bitch to me.

Thanks. Also, your sister is prettier than you.

I move the curtain thingy, and go into the hidden room.

Hmmm, looks like there is something under the rug.

I switch to our helpful thief, Aishlinn. Your time to shine!

What the crap. I hate this game. Yes, she's a Thief/Preserver now, but she's a level 7 thief for fucks sake.

Lets try a different approach.

Useless PSI-Bracelet. But the Gem is a known item, and the sword is +2 and has some kind of evil enchantment on it (life drain?).

Now I can speed travel to Gedron. Yay.

Lets go back to the main starting point and then we'll go west to see what there is to see.

Eye of the dragon huh? I'm going to have to search forever to find this. I have no idea where to begin.

3 characters here. I'll chat with them all.

This guy is rude, sells salt, doesn't say anything important. I buy salt for 1800 ceramic pieces. Now maybe I can go buy that giant scorpion and have NEW BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD.

A lizardman following a mini-tornado. Odd, but lets chat.

Visionquests. Makes sense I guess. Good luck starting your tribe, brah. I happen to know a lovely lady who wants to join a new tribe.

Chat with this guy and he reveals he forgot his own name because he is trying to take the path of enlightenment. The way to enlightenment is to follow the number 2 that has been carved into the sand. Guess I'll follow the path and see what happens.

I tripped major balls and got 500xp. Not bad!

Oh yeah, dragon eye.

A'Poss. Isn't that the guy who is evil and attacked that Shadow in the bottom of the well in the starting city waaaaaay back when we started this whole thing?

And another scroll for a spell I already know.

Now I'll go north or west or something. Who knows.