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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 38

First of all I go back to talk to Larussa, the female lizard we chatted to ages ago. I found her a new tribe!

Totem is a dust storm.

Ah, you like dust storms I see.

He's to the west. Our friendship is all I ask for.

Later gator. hahahahahaha

*Run to chat with tribemaster again*

His tribe has arrived, Larussa has arrived, and he had a vision of us fighting for our lives. And no, he won't help. Thanks for nothing, asshole.

I head north as I said I would. This looks to be a gigantic oasis, a templar and his guards surround it. An odd-looking dude stands on his own to the right. I go see what he wants.

"I'm a druid in charge of the oasis but I haven't done shit to help and I want your help and I can't give you anything and no I wont come help you kill them all." Same ol' same ol'

These guys are low-level, so I mess with them a bit. "Shut up or die!"

20 guards, he tells me the password and then runs away.

This happens 5 or 8 times on my way to the templar. Ugh.

I tried this 3 different ways. I tried being nice, offering to join them and help with whatever, then I tried telling them I want to take this back for the Druid, then I said EAT SHIT AND DIE. Turns out they all come to the same conclusion.


Aishlinn makes fog, forcing the enemies to charge into the fog blindly. Kug stands there and punches people to death.

Man'tis helps.

Note Kugs hit points are 170 out of 162. That sword steals life and gives it to your total points.

They keep coming.

That took a really long time because there was a guy alive on the way right of the oasis and I had to walk over there 15 steps at a time with Man'Tis.

We have somewhere over 1000 arrows now.

Necklace of disintegrate? Don't mind if I do!

He tells of a treasure far to the east that Gabriel Pope had already mentioned earlier. 'totally unguarded' he says. Not from what I saw!

I go north and find that I've already cleared the entire northern sector. I will go south instead, clear everything down there, then go far to the east after the treasure we just learned of.

South has a bunch of lava, Lesser Fire Elementals, and 2 people. Lets chat.

Bandits drove you away? You must mean the guy standing by those giant statues! I'll help, of course!

Wait, you can't even keep your own story straight. First it was ruins, now it's a rift? Something smells off.

Oh, that makes sense. We'll go take care of the other guy for you. Later, friend!

Man'Tis is invaluable with his extra movement points. I kill everything easily.

Aishlinn leveled up!

Here is the evil bandit!

And he tells me to get lost. That's not a good way to start.

Mind explaining why he's lying and you aren't?

Oh good. He-said-she-said. I hate this. I'll go tell the other guy you called him a liar.

No, he's lying!

That almost sounded like a threat.

Now the game glitched hardcore. The first guy is waaaaaay top right, and I'm down near the other guy. He says this, hands me a necklace (that I didn't know was in my inventory), and then runs his ass all the way down here.

He says this every single step he takes. I have to click, he moves 1 tile, he says it again, I click, he moves 1 tile. It takes 3 minutes.

And then these things appear for no discernible reason.

I kill them.

And he starts his bullshit again.

I am so sick of this.

So I kill them both. It's just easier this way.

There appears to be an exit to the west, so I'll go see what that place looks like.

My bug-brothers guarding rocks! I bet we'll be friends! I'm gonna go chat with them.

Grrr. So I'll just kill them all. They have 10 hit points. Slaying Man'tis can kill 4 of them per turn.

More murdering.

Then I find something by accidentally clicking on it. I'm in luck, I have a pick and a shovel!

Oooh, a gem!

There are probably 75-100 of these things around. They each take 8 clicks to break open, click through the text, click on it again, use the USE feature, which drops a gem onto the ground. Then I have to pick it up and put it in my inventory. It's so incredibly not worth it. I do maybe a dozen, get pissed, and stop.

Well since I don't have a damn thief I'll just yank on the cord.

Ambush! I kill them.

They were guarding these rocks, so I picked them all up. Apparently they fit into these crater holes.

hot hot hot hot ow ow ow ow burny

2000 experience for burning my ass? Add a zero on there and I will consider it worth my time.

I go find what launched out of the crater.

And now I go to the Southern-Red-Sands. The only unexplored area (after this one) is the East-Red-Sands and the city to the west that I am saving for last.