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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 39

I head to the South Red Sand area. Looks like a caravan has been ambushed by... something... kind of human monster things?

Who will possibly save them? Me. That's who.

Come get some, Mangolores!

Hey lady, here's an idea for you: Don't give away the element of surprise to your rescuers! I hope you die.

They come across the bridge and get punched.

Well ain't that spiffy. Remind me to go down there.

Follow me, I'll go save your caravan. Relevant 8 second youtube

I catch them plotting.

And arguing.

It's clobberin time!

Nice to meet you. Now join our alliance against the city!

They join us with about 0 effort on my part. Awesome. These groups that are helping us defend against the army aren't going to do shit are they?

Lets climb down.

Holy shit I'm a moron. This is all the same place as that well in the first city. And the left side is blocked off, so I bet there is another entrance in the well in Gedrom too. I'm such an idiot for not seeing it the first time.

Tristram is here, I need her gem thingy. Also she's batshit crazy.

Yeah, I'll take you.

Or I'll tell some escort something? Ugh. What?

They won't believe me.

Aha! That's the only thing I needed! LATER SHADOWBITCH.

I teleport to Gedrom and go down the well.

Another friendly shadow is shackled below.

He gets dark quick. Revenge? I am guessing he's not the super-nice person he says he is.

I mean, I have your heart sitting here in my inventory, but I'm not giving you jack squat.

Bribery will not work.

Neither will threats.


And now I go waaay to the east. It's the last unexplored area I have other than City#2 to go to.

There's a creepy cave with Fifth Element Aliens blocking the path. Someone start some crappy opera music and do that awkward dance that the blue chick does. I'm going in!

Hold that thought. Lets go see what these dudes want.

So kill them yourselves.

That's the dumbest shit I've ever heard.

I'll just do it myself.

I have just the thing!

Turn undead.

That'll do, donkey.

These are the worst lizards ever. How do they think this is going to work?

We punch and punch till our knuckles bleed.

We go grab a ring. No idea what it does.

Alright, start doing that opera song and dance from Fifth Element that makes me cringe every time I see it.

Ok you can stop now. They just wave me through like the worst guards ever.